It's..... The happiest blog on earth

Note: most of the links in this blog post have expired - but not the last one!

I feel kind of bad. Someone searched Google for the comic strip where Cathy gets married - and instead they found my web site, linking to the one where Cathy gets tied up by Dickie the cockroach.

So, okay - here's the one where Cathy gets married.

And the one before it, where Irving reads his wedding vows off his laptop. ("I finished writing my part on the way over but I couldn't get it to print!")

And the one where the bridesmaids strew the aisles with shredded photos of Cathy's ex-boyfriends [this link also still works!], the one where Cathy complains about her wedding dress, the one where Irving makes Cathy a valentine's gift...

And the one where the "Comics Curmudgeon" columnist screams "Please make it stop."