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"Girls like me weren't built to be educated. We were made to have children! That's my ambition! To be a walking, talking baby factory...."
The 1960 movie "Where the Boys Are" is like a catalog of outdated social roles -- the 1950s, frozen and preserved. "Two years ago I showed it in a college class to underscore how social rules have changed," one teacher recently posted online at, adding that "it was all before the Pill appeared."

But despite the movie's hopeful Connie Francis tune, it's surprisingly serious. Like the scene where Merritt, played by 22-year-old actress Dolores Hart, confronts her college's dowdy sociology professor.

Merritt: "Dr. Kinsey says --"

Dowdy Teacher: "We are not discussing Dr. Kinsey. We are discussing interpersonal relationships!"

Merritt: "What could be more interpersonal than 'back seat bingo'?"

Dowdy Teacher: "Just what do you consider suitable subject matters for discussion in this course?"

Merritt: "We're supposed to be intelligent, so why don't we get down to the giant jackpot issue? Like should a girl or should she not under any circumstances 'play house' before marriage?"

Dowdy Teacher: "I'd be afraid to ask your opinion on such a subject."

Merritt: "Don't be afraid. My opinion is yes!"

Dowdy Teacher: "Miss Andrews? Report to the Dean....."

Ah, but Merritt Andrews is no push-over, as her Spring Break date finds out! She suddenly interrupts their making out to announce...

Merrit: "We're getting a little chummy aren't we? A cigarette please."

George Hamilton: "I thought we were hitting it off pretty good."

Merrit: "Too good. That's why I'd like a cigarette...."

And the movie veers instantly into another sociological discussion.

George: "It's not hard to see you were a frosh queen."

Merrit: "Thank you. Is that a compliment?"

George: "Yes, it was meant that way. Why, are you insulted?"

Merrit: "A little, yes. No girl enjoys being considered promiscuous, even those who might be."

George: "Now that's a pretty old-fangled notion, Merritt. Sex is no longer a matter of morals. That idea went out with the racoon coat. Sex is part of personal relations."

Merrit:"Oh, really....."

22-year-old actress Dolores Hart, who had already done two movies with Elvis, made just four more over the next three years. In 1963, "after completing a promotional tour for Come Fly with Me...she had her limousine drop her off at The Abbey of Regina Laudis."

And she became a nun.

40 years later reporter Mark Lembeck, who'd been trying to interview her for 20 years to ask her why, suddenly received a startling answering machine message.

"Hello, Mark Lambeck, this is Mother Dolores," began the hesitant, slightly tremulous message on my voice mail. "I'm so glad to be in touch with you again after so many years."

My reaction was immediate: I burst out crying.

It's one of the movie industry's most surprising stories.

"Along with Hollywood she left behind a broken engagement to Don Robinson, a Los Angeles businessman who broke down and cried when she told him of her decision. Never married, he has kept in touch with her to this day..."

As I turned off "Where the Boys Are," my TV reception returned me to 2004, and I heard Dr. Phil saying...

"You slept with this guy in a hotel room that your husband paid for?"

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