It's..... The happiest blog on earth

"Blog only unmarried man in tribe.

"So female prisoner must marry Blog -- or die!"

"Well, Lois, it looks as if you're destined to become Mrs. Blog instead of Mrs. Superman..."

In 1959 Clark Kent and Lois Lane crash landed in the Mexican jungle - where they were captured by a secret tribe of cavemen. Lois Lane comics told the story - and 45 years later, the caveman's name creates wonderful moments of serendipity.
"No female will have Blog! But you female prisoner! Female prisoner have no choice!"
Clark Kent smugly thinks his mild-mannered alter-ego will become more attractive to Lois "when she starts comparing him to bachelor Blog!"
"This Blog's cave! Blog give mate everything..."
The words you thought you'd never hear...
"Blog's become a tribal hero! The tribal beauties are drawn to his flame like moths! Poor Blog will set fire to many a heart!"
"But," warns the man of steel, "let's hope he gets married before his lighter fluid evaporates."

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("How did you groove it was a trap, Batman?")

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