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"Greetings, Legionnaires! The time has come for you to meet... Arm-Fall-Off-Boy!

"My power will ASTOUND you! Observe as I detach my limb -- and transform it into a deadly weapon!"

D.C. Comics' Legion of Superheroes took a strange turn in 1989. "Legend has it that "Arm-Fall-Off Boy" was kind-of an in-joke among Legion fans for many years," remembers one fan, "a kinda generic reference to some of the laughable Legion rejectees over the years..."

"Can you imagine a comic book artist coming up with this idea?" writes another fan. "Discussing it with the guys down at the office? Isn't it majestic that someone actually gave the go-ahead for this character to appear?

"Life is more wonderful than we can ever imagine."

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