Snakes on a Plane
an original composition by Destiny-land
I spent all my money on a flight to you.
The plane just left the ground and now I'm up in the blue.
The stewardess brings me liquor but my heart's full of pain.
I'm drunk, I'm broke, I'm horny and there's Snakes on the plane.

I'm looking at your picture as we fly to the sun.
The terrorist says you're pretty then he pulls out his gun.
He's tackled by a bodyguard who gives him some pain.
I'm sad, I'm blue, I'm bitter, and there's Snakes on the plane.

When I get off this airplane, well, what will I do?
There's a slither on my pant leg that reminds me of you.
You're a cold cheatin' woman and there's nothing to gain.
Do I let you break my heart or stick with Snakes on a plane?